Flexa Easy Lite 160 Heat-Assisted Laminator

Professional laminator for mounting images on panels, apply double-sided adhesive films, application tape and protective films.

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Flexa Formula Single High Temperature Laminator

High-performance laminator suitable for industrial applications. It allows to laminate, mount and incapsulate prints, apply application tape and double-sided adhesive.

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Flexa Sublimax Dye-Sublimation Heat Calendars

The dye-sublimation is a technique that allows the customization of print fabrics. It is particularly suitable for technical or customized sportswear, for fabrics and curtains used for events, fairs, festivals and customization of stores. Our range is composed of presses for roll to roll applications for large production, or for small single pieces by adding a table.

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Flexa Extrim Electrical Trimmer

Reliable and fast electric trimmer with a self-sharpening circular rotating blade for flexible materials. Designed to improve your productivity every day with great precision and speed. It cuts materials up to 70 mil thickness and its cutting speed is adjustable up to 328 ft/min.

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Flexa Miura II Automatic XY Cutter

High performing cutting machine with rotating blades for X and Y trimming of flexible materials from roll to sheets. It combines horizontal and vertical cutting for the fastest finish for your printed and unprinted rolls.

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Flexa Miura II Plus Automatic XY Cutter with vertical correction

High performing cutting machine for X and Y trimming of flexible materials with automatic vertical cutting correction. It combines horizontal and vertical cutting for the fastest finish for your printed and unprinted rolls.

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Flexa Miura II Wallpaper Automatic XY Cutter for Wallpaper

Highly precise cutting machine for X and Y trimming with automatic rewinding system. Suitable for wallpaper and many other flexible supports. It combines horizontal and vertical cutting for the fastest finish of your rolls.

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Flexa TGE Roll Slitter

Roll-slitter with rotating blade for quick and precise cutting of different materials wound up in rolls. It allows having cut rolls into the needed height.

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Flexa Sonicut Ultrasonic Knife for Fabric

Professional ultrasonic cutting and sealing system for fabric. It allows to have straight cutting and free hand-probe cutting (curves and different shapes).

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Flexa Dogma Vertical Panel Saw

Compact easy-to-use vertical panel saw for vertical and horizontal cutting of several types of panels and materials.

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Flexa Apollo 155 Welding Unit

The Apollo 155 welding unit employs an impulse technology for the welding of PVC banner materials, fabrics and many other materials. This technology represents the ultimate alternative to high-frequency, hot-air and hot-wedge systems.

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Flexa Ghost Clear Eyelet Press Series

High-performing automatic self-perforating punching machine with foot pedal for heavy PVC banners and textiles. Designed to be solid and durable. For high volumes users.Fully automatic and extremely fast punching machine for plastic clear eyelets (up to 60 eyelets/min)

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Flexa UV Doming System

Fast and practical system to realize three-dimensional tags and labels. It uses an environmentally friendly UV mono-component resin, not dangerous for the user. Innovative doming system to give a nice and brilliant 3D effect finishing to PVC labels of any shapes and dimensions, adhesive media and other traditionally printed materials

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