Who we are

Nustream Group is a graphic art products and technical services distribution business, dedicated to the commercial, label and packaging, photographic & art reproduction printers. Born from multiple fusions and acquisitions of specialized companies, the Nustream Group is a Canadian leader in color reproduction, encompassing all technologies, thanks to it team of expert advisors.

Expert Advisor Team

Nustream Group’s technical expert advisor team consist of ;

Two field technicians dedicated to the installation and break-fix of such equipment as, wide and large -format inkjet printers, platesetters and processors, and large-format finishing equipment.

One network and software engineer for customized installation and programming.

Two integrators/trainers specialized in offset, flexographic and inkjet printing, in color management and in production workflows.

Three product managers respectively responsible for the offset/flexo printing, prepress and workflow, and signage markets.

Because of the experience and vision of the Nustream team, our products and solutions are represented by the all of the experts directly involved with the businesses across the Canadian territory. The success of this strategy brought partnership with major manufacturers to Nustream, such as :

 – Eizo high-end monitors and Veripress soft proofing solutions.

– GMG Color, Tucanna and Blackmagic color management solutions.

– Artquest, Harlequin, PrintFactory, Rampage, Screen, Xitron RIP and workflow solutions.

– Dynagram and Screen imposition software.

– Barbieri and Xrite densitometers and color spectrophotometers.

– BasysPrint, ECRM, Highwater and Screen platesetters.

– Screen large-format presses.