Save ink, save paper, save time!

Much easier and faster make-ready

Shorter drying time with less waste

GMG InkOptimizer Easily print better – with automatic ink reduction.

Print houses are facing a constant increase in the pressure of costs and deadlines. Consequently, stabilization of the printing process and cost savings are important issues to remain competitive in the marketplace. GMG InkOptimizer meets precisely these requirements.

GMG FlexoProof product specifications

Product description

How? – Quite simply by means of fully automatic ink reduction.

A DeviceLink transformation (CMYK-to-CMYK) is applied to individual images or complete pages. In contrast to ICC solutions the integrity of the black channel is preserved. The quantity of CMY inks used is reduced, and the proportion of black ink simultaneously increased, while maintaining an identical color impression. The processing of PDFs is based on the Adobe® PDF Library, guaranteeing the correct handling of PDF files.

This results in highest print quality and more stable production, as

  • cColor variations are reduced
  • The separations are harmonized
  • The gray balance is stabilized.

Your benefits

Ink reduction boosts productivity by 

  • Improved printing properties
  • Faster makeready
  • Faster finishing
  • Less waste
  • Up to 20% savings on ink depending on the printing process and the substrate
  • up to 47% savings on ink with special GMG InkOptimizer profiles G-Turbo

Technical specifications

Click here to download the product data sheet with full specifications.

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Product data sheet