Fine quality print supplies

Veramax branded products are designed and manufactured to provide performance and value, but more specifically, to quickly improve your bottom line.

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The GMG proofing media portfolio: for all common standards

Whether it’s simulation of coated substrates in offset, gravure and packaging printing or uncoated papers and simulating papers for newsprint – GMG supplies the matching media. Even for film-based packaging material, GMG’s media portfolio offers a particularly high-quality and well-processable substrate simulation.

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GMG Proofing Media

EFI Papers powered by TECCO

Tecco develops in close cooperation with EFI – formerly known as BEST GmbH – high quality Proof-, Photo and Production media for proofing, photo and production applications.

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IBF Million Thermal Plates

The IBF MILLION is a positive working high performance thermal plate with outstanding resolution of up to 10 microns. Ideal for commercial, promotional and editorial print. It can exceed one million copies when post-baked.

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IBF Million Violet Plates

The IBF MILLION DV is a negative working violet photopolymer plate. Provides outstanding high performance for both newspaper and commercial print applications.

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IBF EcoPlate T Chemistry-Free Plates

Thermal Chemistry-free negative hybrid plate. New “Green line” technology. Used with wash-out unit or develop-on-press (DOP).

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IBF EcoPlate V Chemistry-Free Plates

Violet Chemistry-free negative plate. New “Green line” technology. Outstanding performance for newspapers and commercial printers.

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IBF Direct T Process-less Plates

Thermal process-less negative plate. New “Green line” technology. For all develop-on-press (DOP) applications.

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IBF NegFast Plates

Long run negative UV plate for CtCP devices and contact frames.

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IBF PosFast Plates

Positive UV plate for CtCP devices. For fast exposure and increased production output.

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