Screen Commercial Thermal CtP

Introduced in 1995, the PlateRite series is well known and widely used in today’s printing industry around the world. More than 20,000 Screen CTP units have been manufactured, based on the philosophy of making reliability and quality the number one priority. Precision engineering lies at the heart of the PlateRite series. The quality of our CTP devices relies on the consistency of production.

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Screen Newspaper Thermal CtP

Screen newspaper CTP gives newspaper publishers and commercial web operations that specialize in newsprint products greater flexibility.

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Screen Thermal Flexo CtP

The addition of Screen’s unique imaging technology will help printers keep up with the increasing demand for flexibility in producing tags, labels, flexible packaging, folding cartons and corrugated packaging. PlateRite Flexo CTP enables you to increase productivity and deliver high-quality output.

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Screen VLF Thermal CtP

The Screen PlateRite Ultima series brings excellent image quality and exceptional productivity to the very-large-format CTP market. These incredibly fast output devices allow high-speed production on 4-page plates up to the largest 48-page plates.

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ECRM Commercial Violet CtP

Commercial printers are faced with the challenge to reinvent themselves. Customers today are increasingly sophisticated, making new and greater demands on your product and service offering. ECRM stands ready to assist you. Our range of computer-to-plate devices coupled with workflow solutions tailored to your needs will boost your efficiencies and productivity. Please review our offerings below to find the solutions that fit your needs.

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ECRM Newspaper Violet CtP

Newspapers are being challenged to enhance the customer experience for their readers while keeping their costs in check. As advertisers demand vibrant, accurate color know that ECRM delivers brilliant results on time, every day. The benefits of ECRM CTP also help your bottom line. Please review our semi-automatic and fully automatic platesetters to learn more about the value of violet.

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