Ownership options

Nustream recognizes that in the current business environment, companies need to minimise costs more than ever to remain competitive. To boost your productivity and quickly impact your bottom line, select the option that is right for you:

ASP Cloud

Obtain full access to the extended functionality of selected products for a small monthly fee.


Minimize capital expenditures through a 3 year lease with predictable, tax deductible, monthly payments. The lease plan includes full access to the extended functionality of the chosen product, unlimited clients, installation, training and a complete support warranty – including remote support – for the full duration of the lease.


Efficiently manage your digital workflows and proofing systems and maximize your return on investment.

Proofstream Control your proofing with one functional workflow system.

Boost productivity and increase profits with top-rated, web-based collaborative soft-proofing & workflow solutions.

In today’s fast-paced design and pre-press environment, the ability to manage digital workflows and proofing systems are critical factors for effective and efficient production. And in the context of unforgiving competitive pressures, this ability is often the difference between turning a profit or a loss on any given printing job.

The key challenge for all stake holders is to tie all the various production processes into one functional workflow solution. Get the job done cost-efficiently with Proofstream or Nuflow.

Proofstream product specifications

Proofstream v8 is a proven, powerful, yet easy to use online collaborative soft approval system that enables you to control every aspect of your proofing and workflow.

Are you a pre-press house, publisher, creative agency or commercial printer that still sends PDF proofs via email? How many times have you had a press waiting for that rush job to be approved when all along the email PDF was never received by the client? Or received with a low resolution affecting the quality of images and text and not a true match of the data that will go to the press?

Proofstreamv8 centralizes all your proofing needs to one location. Each stakeholder can access the high resolution job from anywhere, 24/7, via a standard browser from Mac (iPad and iPhone compatible), PC or Linux platforms. Everyone collaborates on exactly the same file in real time – no mixed files, no lost data.



All Proofstream versions will integrate with virtually any existing pre-press workflow displaying rendered data or can operate with a stand-alone workflow using its own built-in rendering.

Proofstream Lite

Proofstream Lite is the basic version designed for a straightforward printer/customer relationship. It takes control and centralises a customer’s proofing needs by automating emails and the sending of PDFs to a client every time a change is required. Proofstream Lite keeps the printer’s customer updated on the progress of a job through every stage of the approval process until final commitment to print is achieved. Unlike some soft-proofing products, Proofstream has no click charge or storage limitations.

Proofstream Standard

Proofstream Standard allows full control of all tasks within your pre-press department or from remote sites in addition to its file approval and collaboration tools. Once the customer has approved the work, job files can be automatically delivered to a pre-defined destination, whether the local print house or a business on the other side of the world. The software also allows imposition previews and the checking of page back-ups using a transparency slider control. Production experts can take full output device control by simply selecting through Proofstream’s browser to soft-proof via previews rather than having to commit to a hard copy inkjet print.

Proofstream Pro

Proofstream Pro is our flagship collaborative and workflow software for graphic designers, publishers and printers. The package adds functionality such as drag and drop changes via the flatplan i.e. moving all the page information, automatically renumbering file names and ensuring that all such details are correct for subsequent imposition and proofing.

Proofstream Pro maintains a detailed log of the progress of the job via a data base. A summary details the full history of the file underlining all notes and corrections and when and by whom they were requested.

Proofstream Virtual Booklet

The Proofstream Virtual Booklet tool allows users to see their job as a final finished book or brochure. Users can zoom the page, outline areas and add sticky notes and corrections while decision makers can approve pages as they scroll through the job page by page. Turn off the notes and corrections and they are left as colour coded drawing pins. Everyone is thus informed of where the job is being worked on and who is working on it.

Proofstream Enterprise

Proofstream Enterprise is designed for seriously heavy duty printer/publisher partnerships. It allows the sharing of services and production across several severs for load balancing. This allows maximum page productivity and unlimited users for multi-job production.

10 Concurrent


10 Concurrent


5 Clients Standard Unlimited Clients

and users

Options Lite Standard Pro Enterprise
General flow
Links to workflows
Integration Pitstop
Pre treatments
Drag & drop pages in flatpan
Actions on approval
Imposition link
Interactive corrections/notes
Print corrections/notes
Compare versions
Colour plates/colour picker
Show PDF boxes
(Art, trim, bleed, crop)
Possibility to load balancing with several servers running the services



Proofstreamv8 allows you to build a unique workflow so that tasks can be set to the specific requirements of each of your clients. This includes the automatic pre-treatment and pre-flight of files using off-the-shelf PDF products such as GMG colour Server*, Distiller*, Pitstop Server*, OneVision* – whatever software you are currently using or plan to purchase- and the automatic output to either laser and inkjet printers for proofing.

Any manual function that your current Workflow program allows can be automated with Proofstreamv8 thus simplifying the process for your staff and reducing mistakes and oversights.
Proofstreamv8 integrates with all popular Workflows and RIPs such as:

  • Agfa Apogee*
  • Barco/Esko Graphics*
  • CGS Normaliser*
  • Fuji XMF*
  • GMG RIP & Colour Servers
  • Harlequin* based RIPs
  • Screen Truflow*

If your Workflow is not in the above list, please contact us. We can develop a connection for virtually any system.

What you see is what you get!

Built-in colour profiles enable users to apply and view the effect of the profile on the page – dependent upon monitor calibration. Customer specific colour profiles for bespoke colour requirements may be added to the system. The soft-proofing tool also contains a toggle switch allowing users to select a black screen background to minimise monitor glare. The file you see is exactly the file that will go to press.

Alternatively, Proofstreamv8 can run as a standalone application pre-flighting and rendering files without the need for an external workflow. Either way, it will allow the automation of many manual tasks that negatively impact your productivity.


Centralized access

Nominated users have access to high resolution jobs 24/7 via standard browsers from Mac, PC and Linux platforms

Version control

All users collaborate on the same file in real-time


Unique Usernames and Passwords make it impossible for users to approve a job without the page being «digitally stamped» with the Username, date and time.

Automated notification

Emails are automatically sent to all nominated users giving job status and underlining what is required.


Proofstream provides a simple, single click archive and restore function.



Once stakeholders receive an email, they can then log on to the job and start correcting, annotating and approving it using the user-friendly corrections editor with sticky corrections and notes. All users in the chain are notified by email as to the status.

Since with Proofstreamv8 everything occurs in real time, any user working on the same job gets updated in real time too. If one user has rejected, placed a correction request or approved a job or page, then all the nominated users receive emails stating where and when this has occurred.

Proofstreamv8 allows you to manage multiple versions of the same proof quickly and easily. Users can then compare the new version with the old and see where corrections have been requested and where changes have been made.

Every user gets a unique Username and Password and all actions are logged in a data base that enables accurate invoicing of the time spent on the job and of the amount of requests and changes made.